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Deflationary (DEF) Token Website Banner Image with the DEF logo.

Token Total Supply



DEF Smart Contract has a tax fee of only 3%. ALL the three percent token fee automatically goes into the Dead Wallet on every transaction. The tokens are not sent to any holder or developer's wallet. 

Token Name: Deflationary 

Symbol: DEF 

Decimals: 9 

Burn Tax on Buy /Sell /Transfer: 3% 

Network: BNB, ETH, FTM and POLYGON Chains

CA: 0x0091371Eaef2dA68C8DD77975358C91e8570640f



Some projects have Token re-Distribution Reward to holders. This reward distribution sends the native tokens back into circulation. If a project does not have a big "Dead" Wallet of over fifty percent, only a very small fraction of token is actually sent to the dead wallet during the DEX trading process. As for DEF, the token fee is lower than most deflationary projects, and all 3% fee goes straight to the Dead wallet and no where else.

DEF Token

DEF Token

DEF is the native utility token for the DEFswap Finance platform, which eventually became a deflationary meme token used for payments. DEF is a true deflationary token with a use case and a goal of creating financial literacy. DEF tokens can also be used to purchase DEF NFTs directly from the NFT store. Converting DEF token into fiat is not required before making online purchases at most retail platforms like Shopify and more. Inflation is a lifetime problem and $DEF has a lifetime deflationary solution.

What is a Deflationary Cryptocurrency?

Deflationary cryptocurrencies are coins or tokens, which the supply deflates or reduces over time. This means, the token value may increase, so long as the demand remains consistent. Binance Coin (BNB) with quarterly burns, is an example of a deflationary cryptocurrency. 

The key for a great deflationary cryptocurrency is having a consistent demand to go along with the continued reduction in supply. A consistent demand is generated by a consistent use case or utility, which is driven by a community of users. DEF token has multiple use cases to create ongoing demand into the future. 

Federal Reserve (FED) vs. Deflationary (DEF)

  • FED and DEF are complete opposite. Spell FED backwards and you get DEF

  • FED has inflationary problem but DEF has a deflationary solution

  • FED creates Financial Dependency and DEF creates self-custody Financial Independence


Ether Authority DEF Audit_edited.jpg
DEF WEBSITE_edited.jpg
Multichain DEF.jpg
DEF and Tokpie.jpg


✔ Draft Project Plan 

✔ Form Core Team 

✔ Design Logo and Website

✔ Roadmap and Tokenomics

✔ Create Social Media Pages

✔ Create Smart Contract

✔ Introduce Whitepaper

✔ Audit and KYC

✔ Deploy on Multiple Blockchains

✔ Submit Logo for Explorer Update

✔ Company Registration

✔ Intro Videos and Promo Flyers

✔ Launch Main Website 

✔ Multichain Bridge to Blockchains 


✔ Second Security Audit + KYC

✔ List on Crypto Voting Sites 

✔ Start Pre-Launch Campaign 

✔ Press Release 

✔ Add Bridge Liquidity 

✔ Form Partnerships 

 IAS Compliant Website 

 Certified Legal Opinion 

 Build Multi-Chain DEFswap 

 $DEF Airdrop Campaign 

✔ Create 4-in-1 Blockchain Tracking 

✔ List PancakeSwap V2 Sept. 5, 2023 

 Supply and Lock Liquidity 

✔ Start CEX Listings 


✔ Renounce Contracts Ownership 

✔ DEF on QuickSwap V3 Oct. 24 

✔ 25K HODLers Goal 

✔ DEF on UniSwap V2 Oct. 24 

✔ DEF on SpookySwap Oct. 31 

✔ List Pairs on DEFswap 

✔ Burn Team Tokens (ALL 4T) 

✔ DEF to Deflationary Meme 

 Raise Funds from Investors/VC 

 CMC Update / CG re-Submission 

 Submit Logo to TRUST wallet 

 New Bridge Partnerships (2025) 

 Grow Users Worldwide 




Coin Market Cap logo for DEF token tracking
Coingecko logo for DEF Token tracking
dextool logo for DEF token tracking
poocoin logo DEF token tracking


PancakeSwap for DEF token Listing
Quickswap logo for DEF token listing
spookyswap logo for DEF token listing
Uniswap for DEF token listing link


Binance Smart Chain BSC Scan tracking for DEF tracking
Polygonscan logo for DEF token tracking
Etherscan logo for DEF token tracking
FTM chain tracking link for DEF token




Why Should I Trust This Project?

The best thing to do before joining any community or project, is to Do Your Own Research (DYOR). Make sure you understand the project details and take precautions. Don't believe everything you read if there's no action to back it up. Talk is Cheap but Action is Priceless.

Trust is a choice that you make, which is why you should verify. You should only trust your own research. Trust is earned and not given. If you have not done your research on a project, you have no reason to join.

How Secure is this Project?

Security is FIRST in any crypto project. If a smart contract is not secure, the entire project is useless. Even when the contract is secure, the project team can still create damage as bad actors. DEF smart contract already passed the security audit and ranks favorably on multiple smart contract address checker platforms.


Always look for the DEF logo to match with the contract address, and make sure you are interacting with the right token. DEF token is NOT mineable, therefore, no additional tokens will ever be minted. 

What Makes DEF Different?

DEF is a true Deflationary token with a real use case. DEF does NOT collect taxes for LP generation or reward distribution. The fee is simple at only three percent (3%), which is instantly and automatically sent to the Dead wallet, and not into a Dev wallet.


This process, makes DEF token truly deflationary compared to others in the space. 

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